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Top ten Snowboards 2017

You plan to buy a snowboard this year .. 
do not buy it and then you regret it. This 10 snowboard is the best in 2017. 
You want to find out please see the video below

The Science of Snowboarding: Nicole Roundy

The Science of Snowboarding: Nicole Roundy
 During treatment for osteogenic sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, Nicole Roundy’s right leg was amputated above her right knee. She was only eight years old at the time. Less than a decade later, Nicole was on skis, but triple track skiing didn’t quite do it for her, so she set her sights on snowboarding. Today, she’s one of the top-ranked adaptive snowboarders in the world, recently taking bronze for Team USA in the IPC World Cup in La Molina, Spain, and she’ll represent the United States in the Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Snowboarding is an art and a science, and in this fascinating TEDxSaltLakeCity talk Nicole Roundy shows us how the mechanics of the knee play a crucial role in this winter wonderland professional sport. She highlights that creating a prosthetic knee capable of snowboarding is far more complicated than you might think.

As a child, Nicole was ambitious, energetic and outgoing. Then at 8 years old, she was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. Later that year she lost her right leg above-the-knee.
As any individual touched by cancer, Nicole's life took a dramatic turn. Following the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic games, Nicole stepped onto a ski slope for the first time. The beauty, adrenaline and excitement of three-track skiing captivated her, but something was missing. Deemed ""impossible"" due to a lack of prosthetic knee technology, Nicole found her passion in snowboarding.
In 2006 she became the first above-knee amputee, male or female, to compete in adaptive snowboarding. Her accomplishments spearheaded global demand for prosthetic knee technology and played a fundamental role in the introduction of snowboarding to the Paralympic roster. Nicole represented the United States in the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games and is an 8X World Cup Medalist.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

The Science of Snowboarding

Will technology completely change snowboarding?

Two of the most mystifying (by mystifying, I mean that when you watch them you can’t help but think, “Why can’t I do that?!” and “How is that even possible?!” because they’re just so amazing…) Olympic sports are definitely figure skating and snowboarding. Olympic figure skaters and snowboarders do these ridiculously impressive jumps and tricks that can really just leave you speechless. But of course, while we normal, non-Olympic folk are blown away by their mastery and would swear it’s magic or some sort of sorcery, science tells us it’s pure athleticism (and maybe even a little math, or something) behind our favorite winter sports. Leave it to AsapSCIENCE to clear that up for us.

lets know by seeing movie below

A Champion’s Life – The Story Of Maëlle Ricker

By: Michel Beaudry

Maëlle Ricker

She’s like the girl next door. You know, the one with the tousled hair and the ready smile: always cheerful, always kind. She’s soft-spoken and understated… almost shy… certainly not one to seek the spotlight. But don’t be fooled. Behind that self-effacing façade lies the soul of a warrior. One of the country’s most decorated athletes, Squamish resident Maëlle Ricker has won just about everything there is to win in international snowboard cross racing. She’s an Olympic and World Champion, a two-time X Games gold medalist and a two-time Crystal Globe winner as the overall World Cup leader.

For the last twenty years, Ricker has been entertaining sports fans around the world with her fierce will to win and her unerring eye for the finish line. She’s resilient, strong-minded, disciplined and very, very competitive. In other words, she lets nothing get in her way on race day.

So how do you reconcile that fierce warrior spirit with Maëlle’s unassuming nature off the race course? It’s a mystery to her too, she says. But one thing is clear: when the start gate opens, Ricker is a completely different person. “I love finding the place where you’re on the edge of being in control but totally pushing the limit at the same time,” she says. And laughs. “Besides, I love everything there is about racing: the camaraderie, the travel, the training. It’s such an amazing lifestyle.”

She grew up in West Vancouver. “I played soccer and ran track as a kid,” says the soon-to-be 37-year old. But already she was thinking of bigger things. “To be in the Olympic Games: that seemed like such a cool thing to me. It really made me dream.”

Little did she know how big a role the Olympics would eventually play in her career: “If someone had told me back then that I would attend four different Winter Games and eventually win the gold… well, I’m not sure whether I would have believed them.”

Her introduction to gravity sports came early. Maëlle’s dad, Karl, was a keen mountaineer and he encouraged his two kids to get involved with skiing while they were still young. “I ski raced with the Blackcomb and Whistler clubs until I was twelve,” she says. “And I enjoyed it and learned a lot. But my brother Jorli had switched to snowboarding in the meantime and that looked like way too much fun not to try it myself.”

Maëlle was soon hooked on the new sport. “I remember strapping into my first snowboard wearing my father’s boots over mine just so I could fit into the bindings.” She laughs. “But what a feeling. I can still recall following in Jorli’s tracks at Whistler in bottomless powder. I’d never felt anything like it before. And I wanted more!”

The teenager took to snowboarding like a duck to water. “I entered my first snowboard cross race in 1994,” she continues. “And it was so much fun. I mean, I loved freeriding and I really enjoyed halfpipe contests, but the mix of speed and big airs and banked turns… and just going for it from start to finish surrounded by a pack of other racers… well, that was a very attractive format to me.”

There was no stopping her now. During her rookie year on the snowboard cross FIS World Cup circuit in 1996-97, she managed to reach the podium twice! Although she wasn’t yet twenty-years old, Maëlle Ricker was definitely making waves in the world of competitive snowboarding.

The winter of ‘98 was a really big one for Maëlle. For the unthinkable was about to happen. Against all odds – and the harrumphs of some of the IOC old guard – snowboarding had elbowed itself a place at the Olympic table. And though only half-pipe and parallel slalom would be officially contested in Nagano, Japan, the young West Coaster couldn’t believe her luck.

“There I am, marching in the Opening Ceremonies as a member of the Canadian Team,” she says with a grin. “And I’m surrounded by all these great athletes… I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real.”

People often forget just how good a halfpipe rider Maëlle was in the first half of her career. But a fifth place in Nagano, while not an Olympic medal and certainly less than she’d hoped for, easily consolidated her reputation as one of the top women in the sport.

Still, it was her love for snowboard cross that was really driving the young rider now. “It’s a unique event,” she says. “And it requires a unique set of skills.” She laughs. “But I never think of the stats. I think of the funny moments, the crushing moments, the life-changing moments.” She smiles. “It’s all about the team, you know. All about the process. And because of that, I really cherish the friends and colleagues I’ve made along the way.”

Process or not, Maëlle’s work ethic is exceptional. And her drive for success continued to lift her above most of her rivals. She scored her first World Cup victory in the new discipline in 1998, the same winter she competed in Nagano.

Ricker was on a roll. She captured her first snowboard cross X Games gold medal the next year in 1999 and continued her winning ways into the 21st century. She was getting stronger, wiser… more knowledgeable about herself and her competitors.

By the winter of 2001-02, and the upcoming Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Maëlle was still considered a halfpipe medal contender. But it was not to be. A blown knee and consequent surgery wiped out the rest of the season for the champion rider. Her quest for Olympic gold would have to wait.

Discipline has always played a big role in Maëlle’s winning ways. And she needed every bit of it to come back from her knee injury. But sitting on the sidelines had honed her hunger to compete to an even finer edge. And she devoted herself to her recovery like a wolverine on the hunt.

She returned to competition with a vengeance. But she wasn’t the only dominant player on the international snowboard cross stage. Along with Canadian teammate Dominique Maltais, American superstar Lindsay Jacobellis could always be counted on to pose a serious challenge on race day. And the rivalry between the three women grew to Olympian proportions… which made for great spectating! Thrills, spills and chills: you never knew what might happen when these three women met on the race course.

It all came to a head at the Torino Olympics in 2006, where snowboard cross would finally make its inaugural appearance as an official event. Ricker was riding high. She’d just scored her second gold medal at the X Games in Aspen and felt like she was ready to take it to her rivals in Italy. But once again, she would be denied.

All three women reached the medal round that year. But in a crash-filled final run that saw first Ricker, than Maltais and finally a showboating Jacobellis go down, it was the underdog Swiss rider, Tanya Frieden who won the gold. That one really hurt. Knocked unconscious in a dangerous fall and sent to the Torino hospital with a serious concussion, the fourth-place Maëlle mused on what could have been: “It was like seeing the love of your life on the subway,” she said at the time, “but never getting to meet them.” Sigh.

Maëlle was terribly disappointed by her Olympic ‘failure’. But she was far from defeated. She came roaring back the next year and won the Crystal Globe as overall winner of the snowboard cross World Cup during the 2007-08 season. But it’s when the Games came calling in her own backyard that she showed her true mettle.

Anyone who watched the early days of the 2010 Winter Olympics will remember just how worried everyone was about the weather. And nowhere were conditions more iffy than at the snowboard cross venue at Vancouver’s Cypress Mountain. In fact, countless loads of snow had to be transported in by helicopter just to have enough white stuff to cover the course.

And the venue’s low altitude and proximity to the ocean weren’t helping. When race day dawned for the women, the athletes were greeted by a light drizzle of mixed snow and rain and low, thick clouds. Could such maudlin weather help Maëlle? After all, she’d been riding in West Coast pea soup all her life. Surely she would be less affected by the marginal conditions than the other competitors…

But Maëlle’s Olympic jinx seemed to have followed her to Canada! In her very first qualifying run she crashed halfway down the course and missed the initial cut-off. Everything depended on her second run. But given the worsening weather, would she even get the chance for another run?

“It was the loneliest chairlift ride in the world,” she recounts. “The organizers had told us that if the weather didn’t improve by 2:00 in the afternoon, they’d cancel the second run and use the first one to qualify the riders. I was devastated. And as the chair slowly carried me up the mountain, I watched in desperation, as the cloudbank continued to hover over the course. At that point, I thought my Olympic dreams were all over.”

But just as the chairlift lifted Ricker over the final rise, the clouds did start to lift. And the Canadian veteran never looked back.

“It was like I was given a second chance,” says Ricker. This time, however she wasn’t going to blow it. Her riding got stronger and stronger as the event progressed. By the time the medal round arrived, Ricker was riding like a woman possessed. And the outcome was never really in doubt… she led from start to finish.

“What a feeling that was. To be competing at the Games in my own backyard was excitement enough. But to win Olympic gold in front of my parents and friends and teammates… Wow! I didn’t come down from that high for days.”

And when she looks back now? “It’s interesting,” she says. “To be honest, my best memories mostly revolve around the lead-up to the Games. Like the epic early snow we had in Whistler that year: riding peak-to-valley with my teammates and having so much fun doing it. I also remember a time-trial in Telluride, Colorado two months before the Olympics; it was one of those runs were I was riding right on that edge between control and disaster – exactly were I needed to be – and feeling really comfortable there.” She laughs. “Those are the moments that really stand out for me now.”

There was still one last big award missing in Maëlle’s trophy case however: a World Championship title. And in 2013, at Stoneham, Quebec (once again on home soil), she put it all on the line in a Canadian duel for gold between herself and Maltais and just managed to tweak her teammate at the finish line. “We’re the dinosaurs of the group,” she said at the time of the Canuck vets’ one-two finish. “But experience plays a lot in these technical races. It’s definitely something I have to use to my advantage since I don’t have youth on my side anymore.” A wee bit tongue-in-cheek? Perhaps….

Though she now had gold in her pocket, Maëlle’s Olympic woes would continue to haunt her. She broke her wrist just before the 2014 Sochi Games and while she still competed there, she was definitely not at her best. More surgery, more rehab, more training… Maëlle was used to the routine now. But she was also getting older.

Snowboard cross is a cruel sport. And it can be brutally demanding on an athlete. Given the crazy speeds, the high-flying acrobatics and the wild collisions that racers are required to absorb week-in and week-out, it’s no surprise that few of them make it through a World Cup season unscathed.

Still, even in this Maëlle is unique. Her comebacks from injury are the stuff of legend. Four major knee surgeries, a compound fracture of the arm, broken ribs, concussions galore: she’s never let anything get in the way of her determination to race. She’s been relentless. Unflinching. Focused beyond belief.

“It’s what really sets her apart from other athletes,” says Marcel Mathieu, Canada’s head snowboard cross coach. “Her love of the sport… her commitment to her coaches’ strategies… her ability to work through pain to achieve a goal… she’s quite remarkable that way.” But there’s more he says. “Maëlle is a really good person. She has a huge heart. And she’s always given her all to the sport. She has my total respect… as an athlete and as an individual.”

It’s hard sometimes to face reality. High-achieving sports stars often dream of pushing back the years; of continuing to dominate their discipline despite the march of time. And Maëlle was no different. But there comes a moment in every competitive athlete’s career when mind and body say ‘enough’. And in the fall of 2015, the veteran rider was wise enough to heed that message.

“I’d already told myself years ago: if I couldn’t compete at 100% of my abilities, I would stop competing,” she says. “And I found during training camp in South America this summer that I just wasn’t able to give it my all anymore. So I decided it was time to move on.” She sighs. “It’s hard to say goodbye to such a fulfilling way of life. But I don’t want to race if I can’t go all out.”

Which doesn’t mean she’s dropped out of snowboarding. “I still love to ride,” insists Ricker with a mischievous smile. “And now that I’ll have a little bit more free time, I’m hoping to get a lot more powder runs in the local mountains.”

More laughter. “It’s the same life, you know. Just a different role.”

Still, she admits the idea of ‘retirement’ was not an easy one to digest. "The decision to step away from the start gate and no longer wear a race jersey haunted me for many a sleepless night,” says Maëlle. “But I never regretted the choice… and that’s because I knew that everyone in the program had done their best to help me get into a position to progress through a long rehabilitation and finally to get back on snow."

She says she’s as passionate about the sport as she’s ever been. But for the moment, she just wants to take a bit of a breather. "I don’t have a lot of plans for the future right now,” she explains. And laughs. ”I’m just getting accustomed to my ‘new’ life. But already I’m looking at ways I can help the Canadian Snowboard Team progress to the next level. Hopefully I can stay connected and offer something of value to the next generation. Stay tuned…”

Great Gift Ideas for Snowboarders

If you have a snowboarder on your gift list this year then these 8 great gift ideas may be just what you've been looking for. I have scoured the net and found 8 great snowboarding gift ideas as well as the online stores in which to buy them.


Accessories - You can find a vast array of snowboarding accessories online. They make everything from mp3 players for the helmet to GPS navigation systems for the backcountry. You can easily fill up your snowboarders stocking with great gifts GPS navigation for the backcountry.

Beanies - When the helmet comes off, put a beanie on. There's nothing worse than sitting around the fireplace with a warm cup of hot chocolate and bad case of helmet hair. You could get your snowboarder a comb, or you could have them cover it up with a cool, stylish beanie Beanie for Snowboarder. They offer a large selection of beanies for men, women and children and best of all, they usually ship within 24 hours.

Books, Magazines, and DVD's - If you are looking for a more budget friendly gift, check out your local bookstore or video store or online here. Snowboarding enthusiasts love to watch and read about their passion, and best of all, it's a safe bet if you don't know their size or style.

Socks - Keeping those tootsies warm is imperative on the slopes. Check out socks catalogue for high performance snowboarding socks from the best brand names. Take advantage of free shipping on orders over $60.

Thermals - The secret to staying warm in the snow is layers, layers, layers and the base to these layers is a great set of thermals. Really high quality ones can be quite expensive, but are definitely worth the cost. You can find some great thermal in thermals catalogue

Board Bags - Every snowboarder needs a board bag for ease of carrying and also to protect their board. Check out all the different styles and really cool designs at amazon

Helmet Cams - In a world of webcams and YouTube, no adrenaline junkie can do without proof of his/her adventures on the slopes. A helmet cam will capture all of your snowboarder's thrills and spills which they can then share with family and friends on their favorite social networking site. Here Helmet Cams Collections for advice on finding the perfect helmet cam.

Ski Resort Getaway - This gift works especially well if you are the significant other or a very close friend of a snowboarder. Imagine their surprise when they open their gift to find you have planned a weekend getaway to their favorite ski resort. WARNING: The response to this gift will likely include hoots and hollers, hugs and possibly kisses and tons of gratitude.

So there you have it, 8 great gift ideas for the snowboarder on your list. Now dig out that credit card, hop online and mark that snowboarder off your list. Hurry, it won't be long before those bells will be ringing!

Holiday Gift guide for Snow Fanatics

Winter has arrived and, as evidenced by the post-Thanksgiving Christmas lights strung up all over town, so has the holiday season. To help you spend less time shopping and more time shredding, we've compiled some of our favorite gift ideas for the skiers and snowboarders on your list. Whether you're shopping for your 7-year-old nephew (see K2's Grom Pack), your girlfriend (see Pistil's wrist warmers), or your best friend (see Quiksilver's mustache hat), we have you covered.

Sorel 1964 Premium ($100 - $130)

This is the first year Sorel's 1964 Premium Canvas boots have been available for women. They look like old-timey Sorels, but they're stacked with the latest features: seam-sealed, waterproof construction and a removable felt lining.

Boot dryers - Peet/DryGuy ($40)

Because the only thing worse than soggy boots is the smell of your stinky wet ones over by the heater apres-shred. The Peet dryer might not be fancy, but it does the trick -- for boots OR gloves. For portability grab a DryGuy Circulator HDT.

Petzl Pixa headlamp ($37-75)

New this year, the Pixa was originally designed for emergency workers and contractors, but it also makes a perfect tool for backcountry missions. The Pixa 3 features three lighting modes, is 100 percent waterproof and can be set up like a lantern.

Monarch 'One Planet' Pass ($439)

For $439, you get unlimited skiing at Colorado's Monarch Mountain as well as five resorts in Europe, three days at Revelstoke, two days at Telluride, one day at Silverton and half-price tickets at Taos and Alta.

K2 Grom Pack ($300-335)

Kids outgrow clothes faster than you can say sasquatch, so why not get them goods that grow when they do? The Grom Pack includes an easy on/off pint-sized snowboard and adjustable boots and bindings in boys' and girls' colorways. Cool mom not included.

Dakine Tuning Kits ($30-100)

Say you don't want to pay $30 for every edge-n-wax. Or say you enjoy taking care of your own equipment. You need a tuning kit, something basic like Dakine's Quick Tune package or, if you don't own an iron, splurge for the Super Tune. Wax included.

Pistil Jax Wristlet ($26)

For the women in your life who were born with cold hands, heat them up with Pistil Design's Jax Wristlet, an around-the-town wrist warmer that will keep her fingers free for texting.

Heat Bags, 10 pack - Poler ($20)

Yeah, you can put them in your gloves, but on those really frigid days, throw one of these in your jacket pocket with your cellphone. You'll be able to ride all day without your battery getting zorched by sub-zero temps. The best part? They're reusable.

Voile ski strap (from $3.50)

A perfect stocking stuffer for skiers, a Voile ski strap has countless uses: strapping your skis (obviously), clamping down unsticky skins, repairing broken gear or wrapping up your leftover burritos.

Airblaster Ninja Suit ($110)

One-piece, hooded long underwear that's styled like a tuxedo. Need we say more?

11"x14" Art of Flight photos ($60)

Say you'd like a photo of Scotty Lago, Travis Rice, John Jackson, Nico Mueller or a pretty AK mountainscape on your wall, but you can't afford any of the "Art of Flight" prints. Well now, just for the holidays, you can buy smaller-sized ones for cheap!

Laptop Skins - Asymbol ($3.0)

Mini computer-bling versions of some of the large-scale prints featured in Travis Rice's online gallery, Asymbol. Choose from Scott Lenhardt's Craig Kelly mural, Jamie Lynn and Mike Parillo art pieces, beautiful wave photography and more.

Ski USA playing cards ($8)

Perfect for stocking stuffers and hut trips, this deck of cards features 52 ski areas around the U.S. Challenge your friends to see who's ridden at the most resorts.

Eric Pollard print ($40)

This 11-x-17-inch print was designed by pro skier Eric Pollard. A limited number of signed prints are available on evo.com now...

Quiksilver Stavi Hat ($20)

This foam front trucker hat from Quiksilver comes with a removable/wearable mustache on it. What skier or snowboarder doesn't want that?

http://amzn.to/1MyoJAqThe Napsack - Poler ($130)

It's a sleeping bag with arm holes and a cinch at the bottom so you can walk around in it. Wear it inside when you're freezing because your cheap roommates won't turn up the heat, or use it to warm up after a super cold session. It's the best thing ever.

Skullcandy iPhone case ($25)

The perfect gift for your friend who can't hit the park without his or her iPhone: a protective hard-shell case for an iPhone 4 or 4S from your favorite headphone maker, Skullcandy.

BCA Snow Study Kit ($85)

Your friends who backcountry ski already have a beacon, shovel and probe. But do they have a snow study kit, complete with a slope meter, thermometer, crystal card and more? Yeah, we didn't think so. Weight: 11 ounces.

Stoic Merino Bliss 150 ($55)

The Merino Bliss 150 from Stoic, the in-house brand of gear retailer Backcountry.com, costs less than many of its big-name competitors, and it keeps you from smelling like a dead cat after a few days away from a washing machine.

Unique Snowboarding Gift Ideas

Are you trying to find those unique snowboarding gift ideas? 

If you're feeling you are thinking hard and long enough about how that will put a smile on your own loved ones' faces, then surprise them which has a cool gift! we give ideas for you, to make a cheerful holiday season. Give a gift to a child, a woman, or a man that you love this snowboard season.
We're here to back you up because we realize that gifts play a meaningful role in any given holiday. you may make every occasion more remarkable with gift ideas which are simply fantastic!
So look no further :

Snowboarding Gift Ideas For Kids 

We have rounded up exactly the best gift baskets for kids. We provide unique snowboarding gift ideas which are categorized to stimulate your children's skills. So grant them the opportunity to expand their discoveries and imagination. Give them the gifts they deserve; bring a grin with their faces; and simply let them have fun!

Unique Snowboarding Gift Ideas

Oakley A-Frame Goggles
Fun and Durable Goggles by Oakley,Anti-Fog Treated Ballistic Lens,Triple Polar Tech Fleece Face Foam For Maximum Moisture Wicking,Filters Out 100% of UVA/ UVB/ UVC,Superior Venting To Eliminate Fog,Optical Clarity,Patented Polaric Ellipsoid Lens Geometry,57-205

Snowboarding Gift Ideas For Women

Our team understands just how much passion it will take to search for the perfect gift for ladies. This is why we take every effort to make sure that women will adore these great gifts and baskets.Be romantic. Be thoughtful. Or simply demonstrate to them you care. Choose any one our unique snowboarding gift ideas, while you are now only an inch away when you get the presents that may surely please them!

Unique Snowboarding Gift Ideas

Forum Keeper - Womens Snowboard Bindings 
For the rider looking to obtain all her old tricks dialed in the pre-season and unlock new tricks as winter progresses, the Forum Women's Keeper Binding is one that you just won't need to let get away. The Keeper's metal-meets-composite baseplate combines strength for freeride with all the soft flex you prefer for countless park laps. If you order now, we'll throw in free full-length cushioning, insanely easy forward lean adjustment, and pressure-free ankle and toe straps. 

The Forum Women’s Keeper Snowboard Bindings give you exactly what you need without having to ask for it—tons of comfortable support and instant response. They’ll never fight back and they won’t ever go limp before you stomp your landing.
  •  Nylon composite highback delivers super durability that can be rotated to your liking
  •  Aircraft-grade aluminum heel cup provides enhanced response and maximum durability
  •  Adjustable base plate allows you to fine-tune the fit of your binding to perfectly match the shape of your boot
  • Adjustable full-length EVA pad sucks up nasty hits so your feet don’t have to suffer as much for your mistakes—Heel Real Wrap Highback padding skyrockets the overall cush factor
  • Throwdown Capstrap completely covers your toes and allows you to bring your foot into an optimal relationship with your binding—keeping your boot in the right place and increasing edge control
  • Bubbler ankle strap utilizes thick padding and a 3D spine to keep your boots in place and put a cushed-out smile on your face

Snowboarding Gift Ideas For Men

Our Snowboarding Gift Ideas for Men section serves its purpose right. Dad, uncle, husband, boyfriend, brother, young men... They're all challenging to shop for. But with this Snowboarding Gift  Idea, you will not become bored so we won't spoil your some time and energy because we give you having a list from the best gifts males no matter the holiday may be.
Unique Snowboarding Gift Ideas
Black Diamond Covert Backpacks
Whether you're out enjoying yo-yo out-of-bounds laps at the ski resort or pre-work dawn patrols, there exists a Black Diamond Covert Winter Pack for you. The Covert pack can be obtained in a 22L size for instances when all you will need is the avie gear, and there exists a 32L size for half-day backcountry tours. This versatile pack carries skis or a snowboard, and its dedicated avalanche-gear pocket provides fast access in your shovel and probe in the wedding the clock is ticking.
Black Diamond gave the Covert Pack a Y-suspension frame that moves with your body so you are able to tear in the backcountry whatever sort of sled you're riding
  • A diagonal ski-carry cable linked to the upper attachment strap makes it super quick and easy to attach or detach your skis
  •  Large organizer pocket stows your shovel and probe where you can get to them in a hurry
  • Insulated hydration sleeve spares your fluids from the deep freeze
  • Pull out the tuck-away helmet carrying sling to tote your lid without taking up all the space in your pack
  • Switch to sunglasses on a sweaty uphill slog and zip your goggles safely in their special fleece-lined pocket
  • Hipbelt stash pockets keep the small stuff within easy reach
Bottom Line: A compact, modern day-tripping pack—clearly designed by seasoned skiers & Snowboarders. 


Top 10 Snowboard in 2015-2016

List of Top 10 Snowboard in 2015-2016

of course we want something best, this snowboard list we collect and the top 10 of various brands snowboard. Snowboard 10 list, sorted by fame and best seller. This list must still be debated, but this reference will help you, if you are planning to buy one or even some of the best snowboard. below is a complete list of products snowboard, not in order but we think they are the best in 2015.

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : K2 Subculture Men's Snowboard

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : K2 Subculture Men's Snowboard
The Subculture snowboard is built for the core rider that keeps it simple and lets his riding do the talking

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men's Complete Snowboard Package New 2016

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men's Complete Snowboard Package New 2016
Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men's Complete Snowboard Package New 2016 Great for a first time board and the occasional snowboard trip

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Lib Tech Skate Banana Narrow Mens Snowboard

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Lib Tech Skate Banana Narrow Mens Snowboard
The Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Narrow is the original all terrain all conditions quiver killing freestyle

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Forum Holy Moly II Snowboard 155 Mens

Forum Holy Moly II Snowboard 155 Mens
Try Riding this Board without Saying Holy Moly! Hard to find, easy to ride

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Gnu Carbon Credit BTX Mens Snowboard 2015

Gnu Carbon Credit BTX Mens Snowboard 2015
You won’t have to worry about your glide in even rough conditions with the GNU Carbon Credit BTX Snowboard’s co-extruded base which some consider virtually maintenance free.

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Burton Clash Snowboard Men's 145

Burton Clash Snowboard Men's 145
Burton Clash Snowboard Men's 145 Embrace winter fully when you sport the Burton Clash Snowboard for men

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Lib Tech Skate Banana Wide Snowboard Stealth 159 Mens

Lib Tech Skate Banana Wide Snowboard Stealth 159 Mens
Fun, easy to ride, high peformance. Kills powder, rails, hardpack and ice. Great for beginners, ridden by pros like Jason R

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : Rossignol Retox AmpTek Mens Snowboard 2015

Rossignol Retox AmpTek Mens Snowboard 2015
The Rossignol Retox AmpTek Snowboard was made for the park and built with a true twin shape so that you can slay, switch and crush like a park

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : System MTN and APX Complete Men's Snowboard Package 2016

System MTN and APX Complete Men's Snowboard Package 2016
Systems complete all mountain snowboard package will have you riding better than ever! Starting with System's MTN snowboard, this thing floats like a dream in powder, kills groomers, and makes park laps easier than ever

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 Emsco Group 1069 Free Ride Snowboard, 110cm

Emsco Group 1069 Free Ride Snowboard, 110cm
This snowboard is Freestyle Snowboards : Fun, entry level snowboard can be customized by kids with permanent markers and stickers.

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : K2 Subculture Men's Snowboard

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 :
K2 Subculture Men's Snowboard

The Subculture snowboard is built for the core rider that keeps it simple and lets his riding do the talking. Clean graphics and loaded with the all-new precision and pop of Precision Lifted Baseline, the Subculture is always there, under the surface, questioning the establishment and living its own way.

Top 10 Snowboard 2015 : K2 Subculture Men's Snowboard

About the Product
Profile:Precision Lifted with Tweekend (Rocker - Flat - Rocker)
Shape:Twin Hyper Progressive
Suggested Terrain:All Mountain
Waist Width :25.4cm
Base:4000 Sintered

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