The heelside turn - Snowboard Lesson

Now for the turning thing.....On your toe edge, slow yourself down almost to a complete stall before starting the turn. With just your front foot, begin relaxing that toe pressure so the nose of the board begins to slide downhill toward the fall line. Shift your weight a tad toward your front foot and bend your knees a bit more than when traversing. Also, shift your front shoulder over the heel edge of the board. As the board rotates down the hill, begin to relax the toe pressure you were holding on the rear foot. The idea here is to have the board riding totally flat for a moment at the point it is gliding straight down the hill.

Gradually increase the heel pressure on the front foot to get the heel edge to bite into the snow and start the turn. Once the turn is established and you are about halfway into the turn, follow through with the rear foot to bring the board up on it`s heel edge to carve the remainder of your turn. This is a timing thing and most people in the beginning tend to rock onto the heel edge too soon when the board is pointed down the fall line. Give yourself a count of 2 then come in with the rear foot.

To avoid overturning up the hill, a few degrees before you are across the fall line, ease up on that heel pressure on the front foot and the board will travel in a straight line across the hill.

Remember....DONT LEAN BACK! when pointed straight down the hill and accelerating. This "speed anxiety" will totally screw you because if you have no weight on the front of your board, it is never going to turn for you. Additionally, you can squat down a little in the turn to counteract the centrifugal forces that want to pull you to the outside of the turn. Also, it is important to look where you want to go. Sounds kinda funny, but really, your body will generally go where you are looking so turn your head and look over your lead should as you begin the heelside turn.

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